Restraining order


I have been having a time trying to explain to everyone why I do not and will not get an order of protection but tonight my partner and I were given the exact reason I will NOT get one.

A friend of mine has broken up with her boyfriend and he turned out to be crazy so she went last week and filed for an order of protection. She was granted a temporary one until their court date. Well for the last three days this man has found a way of harassing her with out actually doing it, he has been sending inadvertent messages through her friends saying he knows who is at her house and people who have left her house have gotten mysterious flat tires and things of that nature.

well tonight she was home and it was just her and her children and some one banged on the side of her house (she lives in a mobile home) and when she looked out the window she saw a man but could not see any of his features, they then proceed to knock on her front window and then they were gone.

She then calls my partner and I and we go over to check on her. When we get to her home I see a man in dark clothing walk around the back of her house and so I tell my partner to go to the other side where she sees the same person walk back and then they were gone and we didn't see them anymore.

She called the police and they came out and said that there was nothing they could do there was no proof that this man was harassing her that no one actually saw his face and there was nothing they could do. 

My friend is now sitting in her house scared because of this man, he never laid a hand on her but she is still scared. 

Now everyone wants me to get an order of protection against Matt!!! After seeing what I saw tonight there is no way I will be doing that. It just broke all my hopes of ever being ok again. Matt texted me up until about 2am this morning telling me I was a horrible person for leaving etc.. And I am supposed to believe a piece of paper is going to keep this man, who has hurt me both mentally and physically numerous times, from hurting me. I am finding that really hard to believe. 

I feel like I am just out of options, short of moving and changing my number what the hell can I do there is nothing and nobody out there that can protect me I am virtually alone in protecting myself. Because there is nothing the POLICE can do! 


  1. Been there done that! I have well over 15 to 20 police reports on my STBX husband. As a matter of fact I just emailed my atty and GAL about the incidents in question.

    FILE ONE! You need to leave a paper trail about what is happening to you! And your friend though she is scared, she has done the right thing too!

    If the police come to your home or hers and just find a body (heaven forbid!) with no paper trail of the incidents then it is left to unsolved. Don't give your abuser any further power over you!

    Text messages, calls and stalking are all harassing! FILE A REPORT! Seriously!

    Saying a prayer for you and your friend!

  2. Her stalker and my abuser are two different people but we both feel powerless. I am just worried about that piece of paper just making him mad and him coming after me. I don't know what I am going to do yet. But you are right a paper trail is just what I need and I have been saving all my txts from my ex.

    1. I got ya about 2 different people... These Losers can NOT be allowed to get away with that behavior! Don't let fear grip you! It is taking over your life Sweetie!

    2. sometimes I do feel that it is taking over my life and I am having a hard time getting it back!!!