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This is where is am going to start posting things other than my abuse. I think it would be nice to share with all of you other things that go on. I hope you enjoy this page.

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Not a lot of you know that I used to be homeless. I may share that story some day… but anyway… An organization helped my kids and I one Christmas when I would not have been able to provide for them myself. It was the best Christmas ever, not just because of the gifts but because of the awesome spirit behind it. Regretsy was doing something similar this holiday season. So this story really hits home with me.
Keep reading to find out what Paypal did to put a stop to their generosity.
Most people know how I feel about Paypal, but if you don’t, I’m here to tell you I hate them! They’re ridiculous. I’ve had tons of problems with them (dating all the way back to when I owned Nellie Bug’s and had a Black Friday sale and they tried to take all my $$!!). But as a blogger, I really don’t have a choice in having a Paypal account because if you want to get paid by affiliates, for sponsored posts, for ad space, etc, you have to have Paypal. :(
Paypal also took $100 from me a few months ago when I sold something on EBay. I sent in delivery confirmation, let them know when I shipped the item, etc… and the guy on the other end said he never got it (Yet he signed for it. Hmm.). Paypal put a hold on my $100 and eventually refunded it to him, leaving my account negative. I called 4 times and never got ahold of someone who spoke English, so I wasn’t even aware that the $100 was being refunded. As far as I knew, they just needed the delivery confirmation information. I was wrong.
paypal regretsy
So anyway, I read this story on Regretsy this morning (warning, language) and I’m pretty ticked off! I knew Paypal = jerks, but really?? You can read the full story here but basically Regretsy collected donations for kids in need this holiday season. They were sending gifts to families that otherwise would not have a Christmas. This included toys and monetary donations. Paypal shut their operation down. They said they couldn’t use the “donate” button (yet Angie the Anti-Theist can use it? What?? And Paypal said they could use it to help their sick cat, but not kids… *scratches head*). So they were like okay… and they set up a “store” (essentially), “selling” the toys as gifts… so I buy a toy, and they send it to a child in need. Get it? Paypal shut their store down as well! Then they froze the business account AND the personal account they have. Oh my. (That was the super condensed Cliff’s Notes, check out the dramatic interpretation of the callhere, or the real call over at Regretsy.)
Best part about the whole thing? Paypal kept fees for the donations. Paypal kept fees for the sales. They made Regretsy refund everything, and then they still kept the fees. NO JOKE!
Paypal, now is the time to fix this. This thing is going to go viral.
READERS: We need to repost this… write your own article… “like” it on Facebook… Tweet it. Send it to your best friend’s mom in Germany. ;) Just get it out there! Make a stand for these kids.
Wanna tell Paypal how you feel? Here’s a list of every administrative Paypal email address and phone number The Consumerist was able to find.

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