the consequences to telling your therapist the truth!

I had an appointment today with my daughters doctor, she treated me like crap because I am gay. She made remarks to my daughter to the effect of "mommy shouldn't touch your private parts" and then told me I needed to get all of my children into counseling because of my living situation with my partner. Then she asked that my daughter leave the room so my partner and my daughter left and she began to ask me if I had a relationship with god. Then I told her I was getting my son into therapy and before I could finish why she said " yes you should so he doesn't turn out gay too" I left her office feeling mad and so many other feelings I can't even place.

I later had an appointment with my therapist and we were talking about my day and if I had cut recently and I told her it had been two weeks and I was feeling really good except for the fact of what happened at the pediatrician. She then told me I needed to got get help at the Hyland behavioral center and that I could either call my partner to get me or she would call an ambulance. So I called my girlfriend and she brought me home. I in no way had any intention of hurting myself today. The only thing was I was going to get a few tattoo's I was waiting to get. After I got home I called and informed her i was not going to the center because I was not a danger to myself. She agreed to that.

       I am still in shock at how I was treated today by these so called professionals, i was discriminated against and almost forced into treatment I do not feel i needed. I feel like all my therapist did was send me into an unnecessary panic  that I would not have been in if it hadn't been for her.

Ok I had to get that out!!!
I hope everyone has a great night, day, and morning

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