So this has nothing to do with my original story but I wanted to weigh in on it.

I was bullied in school. Not so much high school but in elementary school. I hated to go I didn't want to wake up in the morning I found any reason I could to stay at home "sick". But not one time did I think of killing myself. Don't get me wrong later in life for unrelated reasons I did try and did want to die, I hate that young kids are turning to that. I hate that they feel there is no one to turn to about this. It all makes me sad.

They say there are no bullying policies in school these days but I find MY child being bullied now, and she tells me when she tells the teacher she does nothing to fix the problem the other child suffers no consequences, none, the other child doesn't even have to miss recess. That bothers me and makes me wonder is this why young CHILDREN  are taking their own lives because an adult won't do anything to punish or reprimand the other student?

I talk with my children very openly and they know they can tell me anything and I won't lie to them in my answers, unless it is about Santa or the Easter bunny, I will tell them in the most kid friendly way possible. I just don't understand how a child can tell an adult they are being bullied and the adult does nothing about it.
I didn't want to make this a long post. I was just wanting to, I guess, put my theory in on why these suicides are happening.

The bottom line is as adults we need to give children, not just yours, someone to talk to and we as adults need to show the bullies that it is not ok to be mean to anyone.

Thank you for reading my little post here.


  1. I hate that your daughter is being bullied. Go to the Principal and demand something be done! My son got punched in the nose by a bully. This boy had bullied him for a couple of weeks. Of course being a man his dad told him to defend himself. When he did he got 3 days in alternative school and so did the bully! I was furious! A boy hits him , he defends himself and he gets sent to spend 3 days with the bully!!! Are u kidding me?? I was NOT happy! There was hell raised at that school believe me! The next time my son got bullied I called the Principal and said put a stop to it NOW because if my son gets in trouble for defending himself again I would have her job ! I meant business! I was fed up! So stand up for your child and stand your ground hun!

  2. At first I thought he had a crush on her, they are 9, but then it didn't stop. I have already told her to defend herself, nothing has happened since my son has talked to this kid it's only been a week. If it does happen again I will be talking with the principal,and the teacher who won't do anything. My son was picked on in their old school and I dealt with the principal on that because they would do nothing.they tried to punish my child for defending himself and I got into a fight with the bus driver and the principal. I am glad you got someone to listen to you about your son. thank you for your comment and I will do everything I can to make this stop.