I'm leaving

In the course of my planning I met Angel, I was immediately attracted to her and I knew I wanted to be with her. We met on the Friday before Memorial day at our friends house. We talked and joked for about 5 hours when I finally got home it was 1am and Matt was mad he yelled at me but that was about it.
I thought about her all weekend. When finally Maggie called to tell me that Angel talked about me all weekend wondering if I was coming over. Matt had to work on memorial day so he had to go to bed at noon and I had to keep the kids quiet so I went over to Maggie's and let the kids play while we hung out. Angel showed up and we talked and joked and had a good time. I got home just in time to wake Matt up and make him something to eat.
Angel called me the next day out of the blue and we talked on the phone we decided that she would come over after Matt went to work.
We talked all night long and that is all we did was talk. we found common interests and it was nice to just be able to talk to someone and not be alone. She left at 6am. I thought about her all week long and had decided I was going to leave Matt on Friday. I woke up friday morning Put John and Abby on the bus and waited for Matt to come home I told him we needed to talk and that I was leaving. I didn't get the reaction I was waiting for, He cried and asked me not to do this. I told him I was leaving in the morning and that my mind was made up and that was the end of it


  1. I'm sorry this was supposed to be put up before but instead it saved as a draft. My guess is I do dumb things sometimes lol

  2. LOL! I have done the same thing before too!