Should old acquaintance be forgot

I wish it were that easy to forget someone.

I try so hard to forget the "men" that hurt me but I can't they are the fathers of my children. I wish it was easy to just banish someone from your thoughts but it's not that simple in my case I have to deal with these men on a regular basis.

I am feeling a little bitter today on the last day of the year. My ex (Matt) has the nerve to question my parenting ability when he has only seen his child a handful of times in one year.

I am so tired of him trying to control me when I haven't been around him for 3 years. I want to forget him, I want to forget everything about him.

Then there is Tim and he is just a pathetic waste of man. He screws up and expects everyone to feel sorry for him. He gets in trouble and everyone is supposed to drop everything and bow down to what he needs.

These are people I wish I could forget, but in all reality I don't think that would help me I think if I could forget  everything they have done to me I would finally be ok. I want to forget the abuse and the horrible names and the pain. I don't want to wake up at night crying and I don't want to wake up scared to move for fear they followed me out of my dream. I want to be able to walk into a store and not think one of them are going to get me. I want to be able to drive and not worry that they are following me.

 I will old acquaintances could be forgotten or old abusers could be forgotten. That would be wonderful for the New Year.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Years Eve!!!!!

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