Christmas is over!!!!!!!!

   YAY!!! Christmas is over every thing is taken down and I am done with the holiday!!!! I am what most people would call a Grinch I hate Christmas, or so I thought I did.

    It is funny how when your situation changes your perspective on things change with it. No I didn't come into a bunch of money I am actually poorer than I have ever been. What changed were the people around me. I have a wonderful significant other and I have my wonderful children. I am slowly starting to love Christmas again. I did take all my decorations down already, but that is only because I hate the clutter.

   I used to hate Christmas and everything that came with it. I hated shopping and I especially hated wrapping the gifts and I hated the decorations. I just Hated it with a capitol H.

    This year I noticed something thing though, I noticed that it didn't really bother me to put the decorations up, I actually caught myself smiling, I was excited about shopping for the kids. Whao! What the hell is happening to me? "Santa" even put stockings up a day early... What does this mean? is my heart growing bigger. Am I not so Grinch like?

    It then dawned on me. I am in a completely different situation. I love my life now I love my partner. I have an amazing job and I love going to school. OMG!!!! I am actually happy for once in my life.

    It may not be important to anyone but me, but I thought I would share. It is wonderful to me to know my heart is healing and that one day everything will be ok.

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  1. YEA!!! I know what you mean about your previous post. Holidays were a downer for me. But like yourself I am in a more positive place now. And it is great! I'm happy for you!