The abuse continues.

You would think with me being away and on my own for as long as I have been he would realize I am not coming back. But oh no he calls and text messages me everyday. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't at least hear from him once.

Some days it is him swearing I am coming back to him and he is offering to buy me a new house and car and all kinds of pretty shiny things. Other days it is him telling me how I am a horrible mother and that I am a worthless whore. Then there are the days when he wants to talk calmly about a divorce.

I don't know what to think of him anymore I have honestly thought of having him committed it in the loony bin. I wish I could or I wish he would just move on and leave me alone but I don't think that will ever happen for me I think I am bound to live the rest of my life miserable with his torment.

Sometimes I am really tired of this life. My friends don't realize that sometime I don't even want to leave my house and some people who think they are my close friends don't even know the real me. I don't want them to know the real me I don't want them to know everything I have gone through and I don't want them to know the things I still go through. It is hard enough for me having Angel know without everyone else knowing.

I know this is kind of rambling I just kinda needed to get it out of my system today. So I thought here would be the best place to do it...

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  1. Honey! I know those days where you just want to stay in the warmth and security of bed or your home. Ramble away my Dear you are not alone!