The new house

I didn't realize how alone I would feel in the new house. I didn't think things would have gotten worse but they did because we didn't have people above us and beside us. we had neighbors but they couldn't hear a thing especially if we were in the basement.
We settled into our new house and the kids loved the big yard and all the room we had. I mad friends with the neighbor next door she was about 30 years older than me but she quickly became my best friend. we had coffee together every day. She knew I was unhappy but she didn't know Matt was hitting me. Matt hated her because I had someone to talk to. Her name was Mary. Mary and I would go shopping every Wednesday and we were always together. She was my solace.  I told her that I was thinking of leaving Matt, she knew he yelled a lot but that is all she knew. she encouraged me to get away. At that time all I did was talk about it. I talked with my mom and my sister, my mom gave me a key to her house in case I decided to just pick up and go. I wasn't sure that is what I wanted to do though, I had security with Matt he made good money and we didn't want for anything. I just could take the abuse anymore...


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  2. Sorry about the itchy trigger finger. I really can relate to your post as I have had that some situation in my life. I hope you find some peace and happiness <3 I know you can though it may seem dark right now it is all dependent on you. You can have happiness and you do deserve happiness. God loves you and so do many others. <3