Tim's in jail

So Tim went to jail and I was doing drugs (not the highest point in my life). I met Matt he was nice and sweet and he was attracted to me. Not to mention that he was the one supplying me with my drug of choice. We quickly moved in together with his room mate and everything was going great starting off, but it quickly went down hill.
We started fighting verbally at first then he started hitting me in front of Abby and John. It was horrible and the John was scared. It started with him just slapping me and me hitting him back. He would hit me then apologize at first and buy my flowers and things would be ok for a few days.
Then one night he was  screaming in my face calling me all sorts of names. He pushed me and I punched him in the eye, so he threw me across the  room breaking my tail bone. I couldn't move for three days and he had to take care of me. When I was finally able to move on my own we got into a fight again and I left and went to my moms house. I stayed there for the weekend and went back to him Monday morning.
He was so happy to see me telling me he missed me and that he was so sorry he hurt me and that things were gonna be different.
I believed him......
Things were good for a week, just one, when the fighting started again. But this time he was accusing me of sleeping with the other guys that came into the house. He would tell me that just by me talking to them I was flirting with them and that they told him I asked to sleep with them for drugs.
Things started to go from bad to worse. He wouldn't let me or the kids out of the bedroom we had to stay in there all day and night only coming out to go to the bathroom or get food, then it was right back onto the bedroom.
I made the mistake of going out in the living room while he was asleep one day to hang out with a few people and when he woke up there was hell to pay. He slapped me a kicked me and called me every name under the sun. He hurt me so bad my back was messed up and I couldn't get off the floor. I could do nothing but lay in the floor while he took care of my kids and took care of me. He wouldn't let me sleep though I had to stay awake and in pain. I wished I was dead.
We would stay awake for weeks at a time, on drugs, we would fight constantly. I was too scared to leave. He would tell me if he couldn't have me no one could and if I left again he would not only kill me but my family.
My mom and sister acted like everything was ok and nothing bad was going on they chose to ignore it, leaving  me alone. I just assumed no one cared if I lived or died so I kept doing the drugs with Matt.

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