Matt and I had a love hate relationship, he loved to hate me, and I just loved him. He was sweet one minute and mean the next I was constantly on edge.
We had been up for two days and things were going well, we went into the bedroom for some alone time and we fell asleep. There was no reason for us to fall asleep but we did, we woke up 8 hours later. The babies were crying and I was scared, I didn't know where I was or what time it was. Matt put my shoes on and took me and the kids out of there. He swore up and down that our room mate had drugged us. We went to the hospital to have John and Abby checked out they were fine but they drug tested me and Matt and we had large amounts of meth in our system, they called child services, I lost my kids that night. I had lost everything.

Matt refused to go back to that house and I refused to do any more drugs I had to get my kids back. We started fighting more he wanted to do drugs and I didn't. We needed to find a place to stay so we started jumping from friends house to friends house.
I got to visit my babies once a week at McDonald's. It wasn't enough I missed my babies.

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