The kids are gone...

Matt and I ended up going to stay with my biological father for somewhere to go. We were there for about two months before we got an apartment in the same "complex"(I put that in quotes because it was 16 messed up rooms some with bedrooms some just like a hotel that you had to bring your own furniture) about 4 doors down.  Matt didn't abuse me at my fathers house he patiently waited till we got our own place. I thought he was going to kill me. No one in this place cared the wall were paper thin and no one did a thing. I was still alone and I know even my dad knew... I get a job at McDonald's working the morning shift I had to walk to work at 4Am every morning alone. It was scary and Matt wasn't working but he refused to walk with me. He let me work for two weeks before he beat me so bad I couldn't go to work, I had no phone and no way to get to one so I lost my job. He started working with my dad at a trucking company. When he would get home everyday he would accuse me of cheating on him. So he would scream at me and throw things at me and hit me randomly everyday after he got home.
I started working at a local restaurant as a waitress and shortly after I found out I was pregnant. He swore up and down the baby wasn't his so he repeatedly hit me in the stomach till I miscarried. I was left to find a ride and go to the hospital alone.
After a while my CPS worker and my whole family support team made me leave him, so I moved in with my sister. Because I was so afraid I still saw him behind everyone's back, they had no idea.

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