the saga continues

Tim was away when John was born. I thought this is great I can start over and be ok. Well Tim got out of jail and I went right back I couldn't stay away. That's when all of the drugs started. Him taking the car and leaving me alone. I didn't care I stayed. We got married 6 months after he got out and I immediately got  pregnant again. That is when the abuse started. A few slaps here and there, then apologies started, I got pushed down the stairs when I was 8 months pregnant because I wouldn't go buy him some pot. It was horrible I dreaded him coming home. I was alone and scared and had no one to talk to, there were never any visible signs of abuse so no one would believe me.
After I had Abby everything got worse. I was two days out of the hospital when he forced me to have sex with him and he ripped out two of my staples from my cesarean. When it came time for me to go back to the doctor he threw a fit and punched the widow out of our front door and cut his hand so bad we had to call 911. It took me 2 months to get my staples out because he refused to take me, they had grown into my skin and were infected.
I started doing drugs with him because I thought if I did he wouldn't be so mean to me. I was wrong It all got worse. He started raping me anally and vaginally. He would never take no for an answer. I felt horrible and worthless. He was still disappearing all the time. He was cheating on me and I thought I deserved it.
We were constantly moving I would give him money to pay the bills and he didn't do it. He wouldn't allow me to pay them it all had to go through him.
He always told me how stupid fat and ugly I was and how I would never amount to anything. I felt like it
He finally went back to jail. And I walked away.


  1. wow girl whta story! I am your newest follower. Im a recovering drug addict, but I do have my medical mj card.

  2. Well thank you it's all true and Good job being a recovering addict it is very hard to do.