ok soooo

going through all of my posts I realized I have left some things out. So after I finish I will go back and clear things up. I realize the way it was and the way i wrote it I should have given more info. I am sorry about that but I guess they weren't really important things just things that need to get out of my head still. So i will continue where I left off and then I will update everything.

Thank you for your patience with me this is very hard to write and very hard to relive in my head because that is exactly what happens, I relive it and it scares me sometimes. The PTSD still scares me so bad with the flashbacks I hope and know I will be ok someday.
 thank you everyone for following me.

Have a great day,
The yellow Penguin

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  1. Girl, you are doing a fine job writing! You take your time, and add on whenever, wherever you want. It's your blog and I really enjoy reading your posts! It'll make you stronger every time you write! You need to let go of all the information that bogs you down. It'll make room for all the good events to come into your life! I',m praying for you every night. Take care my friend....