"My" new apartment.

Matt refused to work and I was about 8 months pregnant so I was doing it all on my own, while he sat around my house and drank beer all day. I got to have the kids come home for an 8 hour home visit and it was amazing having my babies at my house. John and Abby loved their room and their toys and I didn't want it to end.

Surprisingly two weeks after that one 8 hour visit the courts ordered my kids home. The foster parents had filed for adoption on my babies and it made the judge mad, because I was doing everything I was supposed to even doing extras that wasn't asked of me. They came home on December 16, 2003. It was the greatest day of my life. But then the reality of me having my babies and one on the way was freaking me out.
I had Erin on January 20, 2004 she was beautiful. Family services was still in my life but they were just hovering like scared parents, They kept a close eye on me and that's ok I was doing everything I needed to do.
Matt was keeping his hands to his self but he would yell at me when the kids were sleeping and he never had a nice word for me. Finally i had had enough in September and told him he had a week to find a job or get out of my house.

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