Sneaking around

I was working my butt off and when I wasn't working I was with Matt, he was still abusing me, accusing me of sleeping around and telling me the baby wasn't his. It was hard. I ended up pregnant again. I was scared to tell anyone because that meant me telling everyone I was seen or had been seeing Matt. When the news got out they threatened to not give the kids back and to take the baby I was pregnant with, Until I told them i hadn't seen him since the night of conception. One night it got so bad I ended up leaving his house in the middle of the night and walking a dark busy road just to be anywhere but there. I ended up calling the restaurant i worked at and they sent some one to come get me. before they got there though someone had called the police and told them a young girl was walking down the road they stopped and questioned me, not one time did they ask me about the marks on my face or why I was walking. They didn't even offer me a ride they just wanted to know what I was doing and asked to search my bag. The cook from the restaurant showed up and they let me go.

I saved enough money to get me my own place and Matt moved in with me. My sister knew and she didn't say anything to anyone.


  1. just dropped by your very honest open blog and it hit me with your words of how so many women are abused out in this world, mental, physical and emotional. That road is confused, fogged and dim at that time. God Bless you for sharing your feelings! Keep strong.

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  2. My hope with this blog is to help people, women, realize they are not alone or someone who is on drugs realize they are not alone. I just want my past to help someones future. Thank you for your comment.