battling depression

I started looking for another job and looking for daycare for the kids. I got hired a month later to be a cashier at Wal-mart, The job sucked and I hated it. It was a job and I needed to work. Matt got a promotion at the factory but he started accusing me of cheating on him. So he just kept getting more and more violent just looking for things to fight about.
It was getting harder and harder for me to find reasons to stay alive I cried all the time and I didn't eat. I hated my life and felt I had no reason to be here.
I felt like Matt hated me and the kids were horribly crabby because they sensed  something was wrong.
I couldn't seem to shake this feeling and Matt refused to get me some help he told me it was all in my head and that I needed to just shake it off and get over it.
So I started to pretend I was ok.
And started contemplating how to end it all...

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