Regrets (picture)


I hate to be so jaded that I cannot trust anyone. My supposed best friend betrayed me in a way I have never been before, I have a lot of problems, I am a cutter and I am super depressed. I tried to kill myself a few months back I took 48 sleeping pills but before I could swallow them my girlfriend and supposed best friend walked in and made me spit them out (forcefully). Well exbf decided, for what reason I don't know, to take a picture of it. Then at some point I don't know if I was sleep or what but she decided to take a picture of the fresh cuts on my legs. She then went to school where we both attended and not only told EVERYONE what happened but showed them all the pictures she took. I had been on a leave of absence at the time so I had no idea she had done this. When I went back to school everyone was talking about it and asking me about it. I was humiliated no one there knew my personal business, they only knew the basics about me, my name that I had kids and that I was gay, that is it. I didn't feel they needed to know anything else. It caused me a lot of emotional trauma and set me back a little so I missed some school. Well she also told everyone I wasn't coming back to school so the director of the school decided to terminate me.

I am so hurt by all of this and on top of it my girlfriend is still talking to my exfriend I am in total shock. I got a phone call from my girlfriend today asking if I was going to be home soon because ex friend was coming over and she didn't want me to be there. WHAT?!?!?!?!? that is my house I will be there if I want she is the one who isn't allowed there, I am so hurt and confused right now I don't even know what to do.

The Trouble with Funny Stories

So the thing about funny stories is, if you ever notice, most of the time someone is getting hurt...

Well in my last post "Funny Story" I fell with my son, I thought I was ok, just a little bruised and sore. Oh no that is not all I took the kids out last night to trick or treat and realized just how badly I am actually hurt. My back is out and my hips hurt so bad it isn't even funny. At times the pain is so bad it causes flashbacks. Don't get me wrong it is still funny, but omg I am in so much pain. I will not be picking up anymore of my children anymore they are all too old for me to be holding them, the youngest is gonna be 9. I do miss holding them like babies but I have to realize that I just can't do that anymore. lol

So moral of the story every funny story has some kind of pain, lol.

I hope everyone is having a great day!!!