Funny Story!!!

Yesterday was my sons birthday he turned 12, weeeeeeelllllllll being the wonderful mom I am I decided to embarrass him at the bus stop by picking him up like a baby and singing happy birthday obnoxiously loud! ( I know, I know not cool)

So last night I was showing my girlfriend what I did and I picked my son up again, I was off balance, she didn't know it, she pulled my sons foot and I started to fall. Not wanting to drop my son I held him closer so I took the brunt of the fall, where I hit my hip, messing up my hips and back, then his knee jacks me in the jaw uppercut style. I cannot move my mouth much and I have a bruise the size of Texas on my hip/leg area, and my back hurts soooooo bad.

Moral of the story DO NOT do things to willingly embarrass your children you will get paid back for it in the end.

I think the best part of it all was my son was worried about me and I was worried about him, so while I was making sure he was ok he was doing the same. I know he is only 12 but he is showing signs of being and amazing little man, I am a proud momma.

Today I cannot tell you the times he asked me if I was ok. He is awesome...

That is my funny story, Hope you all are being safe if you are on the east coast and I hope you all are doing well!!!!

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