Forgotten Things

            Have you ever forgotten something or kinda just blocked it out of your mind? I have found myself more and more blocking things from my mind, but the bad part is that before I have put some of these things out of my mind I have talked about them and told people certain things and then later when they talk about them I have no idea what they are talking about.
            Like today for instance my partner starts talking about a movie I told her about when we first got together when we first talked about it I told her about other movies that I own and love but Why this one movie can I not remember or even seem to know about it? I remember talking about the other movies I remember that I love those movies but this one movie I cannot remember.  My partner says that I told her that I watched it with my ex so I wonder if it is something that I blocked out, but I am wondering what had happened so bad that I would block out a movie.
            I know I block many things I do not want to remember out but some things I wonder why in the world I would block those simple things out. I think it is funny how the brain works and how the memory can block things you don’t want to remember.

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