Something snapped

I had had enough of Matt's crap and I was letting him know that I was done. I didn't feel like bowing down anymore I felt like standing up for myself and doing what I wanted. I told my mom this was it, when school was out for the summer I was gone. I asked her if I could stay there till I got on my feet, there was no problem there it was just picking the day and sticking to it. I finally decided to leave a week sooner than i originally planned. I told Matt when he got home from work I was leaving. He cried and begged me to stay and I just told him I couldn't. I left the very next morning. Which I know was probably really dumb looking back on it he could have killed me. But I did get out fine.

I am sorry for some reason this didn't post when I originally thought I posted it. This is the short condensed  version I will get around to updating all of these posts hopefully very soon.

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