It all continues

Angel and I found a new place to live and I decided not to tell Matt. We moved into our new three bedroom house. It was nice. I quit talking to Matt and I thought things would be ok. I was wrong it seemed like Matt had lost his mind even more. He then started calling relentlessly it was horrible. But I had quit going over to his house and he didn't take the kids anymore.
He lost his house and because I left him a year before it was all my fault. I still don't know how that worked but he acted like it was my fault and my responsibility. I couldn't believe it, how could that be my fault? I wasn't there and he wasn't giving me any money so how was him losing the house my fault  or problem? He ended up moving in to a two bedroom trailer and not taking the kids' beds with him. He then wanted to get mad at me for him not seeing the kids. I would ask him if he wanted them and he would come up with one excuse after another. It was and still is hard.

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