moving in with angel

Angel and I moved in together, we decided to rent a small house it was two bedrooms and it was perfect for her I and the kids.
A few months after we moved in together the kids all came to me and told me they liked me a lot better now that I wasn't with daddy and that I didn't yell as much and that I was happy all the time and that the only time I was unhappy was when I had to deal with their dad. It made me so happy to hear that from my children, i was relieved that they seen a positive change and they were happy with the change. They told me they knew that daddy wasn't supposed to hit me and they were glad we didn't live with him anymore. They still wanted to see him but they didn't want to live there any more. then they started telling me how dad kept telling them that we were going to move back in with him and that I told him we were getting back together and that they didn't have to listen to angel and they could call her horrible names. I had to sit them down and explain that no we were not moving back in with their dad and no they couldn't be mean to Angel and yes they had to listen to her just like they would listen to any other adult. They were mad that their dad had lied to them and I did/do not talk bad about him in front or to them, I just explained to them that their dad was mistaken and he did want us to come back but no I was not going back there ever again.
Things were good for a while it seemed like Matt had moved on and I was so happy about that but then he started in on me with questions like when are you coming home? and do you still love me? and others like that I told him as best I could that no i was not coming back and I would always love him because he was my daughters father but no I was not in love with him.
Then it was like he snapped that is when he started having people watch me and stalk me. He would drive out of his way to drive past my house on his way to work at night. He would show up at my house in the morning after Angel left, I was scared but I didn't want to "poke the bear" by getting an order of protection so I started dealing with it in my own way and ignoring him and his actions.
He was angry all the time and I was scared I didn't know what to do so I called the police department and had them start patrolling my neighborhood. I felt lost,stuck and scared.

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