I met Angel about a week before I left Matt. She was kind and I was instantly attracted to her. I met her the Friday before Memorial day. When I got home she was all i could think of all weekend.
Monday Matt was being an asshole yelling and cussing me because the neighbors were having a party and he had to go to bed because he had to work. So I went to my friends ( her name is Amy) house again. I had been there about an hour when Angel showed up. We started talking and joking around with Amy's husband we were having fun.
I went home that night and missed her and it was weird to me to miss someone. On Tuesday Amy called to tell me Angel kept asking about me so she gave her my number.
I was shocked that this was happening to me. Angel called me Tuesday and we agreed that she could come over after Matt left for work. We talked all night long nothing else we just talked. She didn't leave until Wednesday morning at 6am.
When Matt got home from work I had to hear how he was soooo tired because he didn't get any sleep, while he drank beer after beer.
Angel and I talked on the phone all week long, It was nice to be talked to and not yelled at. She made me happy just talking to me.
Friday morning I mustered up all of my courage and told Matt I was leaving Saturday morning.
He cried and begged me not to go but I had had enough.
Saturday morning I packed mine and the kids things and drove to my moms. It was so freeing just driving away. I thought the abuse was over.

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