Bullying is something that happens everyday and there has been a lot of exposure on this subject. I would like to know how a close friend of mine has not been helped with the bullying that is happening to her daughter you might know this mom and her daughter she is the owner of Slap dash mom blog. Her daughter is Jenelle, and she has been bullied this whole school year non stop they are calling her all sorts of names and just being plain horrible. Sadie has contacted everyone she can think of and no one is doing a thing about it.

She recently found out that the teachers and staff at the school are laughing behind her back as well saying she is a fake and a phony because she continued to help out at school even after the bullying started.

What the hell is this school thinking allowing this to happen? What the hell is wrong with these so called adults to allow this wonderfully sweet child to be miserable and bullied everyday of school.

She used to love school and now she hates it and cries at the thought of going.

I don't know how many of my followers actually read this but if you do could you please go to Slap dash mom and please share this link she needs all the support she can get. Since no one else is helping!

Thank you for all your help in this, I believe this all goes along with abuse and in my personal opinion it is the worse kind.

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