I am having such a hard time with my PTSD

Fighting PTSD is horrible. It is always there, when you are awake, when you are asleep. It always has a hold on you and no matter what you do it is laying in wait to cause you stress. The flashbacks creep up on you when you least expect it, scaring you and making you look around every corner waiting for someone to jump out and get you.

I am in school right now for my Associate degree and I just got my grades in. I got two A's and a B I am so disappointed in myself it isn't even funny, but at the same time I keeping hearing Matt in my head "See I told you you couldn't do it You stupid bitch." and all sorts of other things and I can't get it to stop.

I am so tired of having this I know there isn't a cure you can just "manage it  better" which I think is a crock too but whatever. I hope to be ok someday...


  1. 2 A's and a B is nothing to be disappointed about my love. You should hold your head high and scream "Hell yea, I did it! I'm Smart, Im beautiful, and I'm going to make it through this and anything else life throws at me!"
    As someone thats going through a very tough time herself(emotional abuse)I know how hard it is to stay positive but do it despite him girl... do it for YOU!

  2. YEA! Great job! I agree with Robin! But I, like you have a hard time. I try to remind myself that with positive affirmations. And to be thankful I broke free.

    I'm proud of you! Way to go!!! YIPPEE!

  3. Thank you ladies I appreciate your kind words.